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Ways to volunteer your time

As a small, volunteer-led charity, we are always looking for the volunteer support of willing and skilled individuals who want to give back. 

There are lots of  ways to volunteer your time and effort that will make a huge difference to children with cancer. These include: 

  • Administrative support
  • Marketing & PR support 
  • Graphic design 
  • Video production and editing 
  • Business planning / strategy 
  • Social media support 
  • Governance advice 
  • Fundraising

If you’re interested in volunteering, please just get in touch today to find out more – info@friendsofrosie.co.uk 

If you’re interested in supporting Friends of Rosie by donating your time and knowledge, we’d love you to get in touch at info@friendsofrosie.co.uk or 07887 932293 

Don’t underestimate the effect of this kind of charitable support – you’ll be making a huge difference. 

Be the difference for children with cancer.

Together, we can give all children with cancer a brighter future. Become a Friend of Rosie and help us.

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