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Why pump-priming?

Pump-priming is the process of helping a research project or idea get off the ground by providing initial funding. Friends of Rosie is unique in our role of kickstarting new childhood cancer research projects.  

Without that first bit of investment, many new ideas would never see the light of day and never be given the chance to potentially improve the treatment and outlook for children with cancer.  

The initial studies we fund are the starting point for all major clinical trials, the creation of new drugs and a potential step change in childhood cancer treatment.  

We award small funding amounts of typically £70,000 per project to give researchers the opportunity to produce 12 months of data and evidence. They can then use this to secure further, large scale investment from other organisations to take the research forward.  

Be the difference for children with cancer.

Together, we can give all children with cancer a brighter future. Become a Friend of Rosie and help us.

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