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Our Mission

Our mission is to kickstart vital new research ideas by funding projects focused on gentler and more effective treatments for childhood cancer. 

We want to see improved prognosis and reduce life-limiting side effects in young bodies that are still growing and developing as well as contribute to finding potential preventatives and cures.  

Our research priorities are focused on novel therapies, precision treatments, improved diagnosis, early detection of relapse, and targeting cancers with poor outcomes.

We already receive more applications for funding than we can afford to support. That means turning away research ideas that could be potentially lifesaving for many children with cancer. 

So, our aim is simple. To raise as much money as we can to funnel straight back into this vital and underfunded area of cancer research. Each project we fund costs around £70,000 for one year. 

Be the difference for children with cancer.

Together, we can give all children with cancer a brighter future. Become a Friend of Rosie and help us.

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