Rosie’s story

10 Sep 2018

Rosie Larkin is the namesake of Friends of Rosie. She lost her battle with neuroblastoma in 1991 at the age of five years old. Rosie’s family and friends set up the charity during Rosie’s illness to help other children with cancer.

Here is Rosie’s story:

Neuroblastoma often starts in the tummy, commonly in the adrenal glands or the nerve tissue at the back of the abdomen.And it’s devastating that the outlook for children with neuroblastoma has changed little since then, with only 67 per cent of children surviving to five years.

Lisa, Rosie’s mum, says, “I would just like to see a situation where no more parents have to sit in front of a doctor and be told, “We can’t cure your child”. I think we can do better than that.”