Our Research Governance

Although research to date has improved the outlook for children with cancer, there is still so much to do. Today’s treatments are damaging, cause lasting side effects in later life and, in some cancers, are ineffective altogether.

Our focus is on finding gentler, more effective treatments for childhood cancer. We want to see improved prognosis and reduce life-limiting side effects in young bodies that are still growing and developing.

To help achieve this we have robust governance in place to select the best projects and to monitor and measure their success effectively. We don’t want a penny of our supporter’s money to go to waste.

Measurement and review

Our independent Scientific Advisory Board reviews all research applications and makes recommendations as to which projects should receive funding.

Researchers we fund must provide two thorough progress reports per year. Our Scientific Advisory Board assess these reports to ensure the project is on track and meeting its proposed objectives. They also give advice and guidance to researchers during the project as and when required.

At the end of a project, the researcher provides a full written report, which must also detail what applications have been made to secure further funding. We aim for all research projects to be published in relevant medical journals to enable the findings to be shared with the wider childhood cancer research community.

Our policies

As part of our governance procedures, we have several policies in place which guide the way we work and operate.

We support the principle of using animals in research, when it is necessary, to advance understanding of health and disease and to develop new treatments. This research only takes place where there is no alternative available. Friends of Rosie supports the Association of Medical Research Charities’ position on the use of animals in research as outlined in this statement.

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