Our Collaborations

The strength and experience of our Scientific Advisory Board members provides Friends of Rosie with a strong and trusted insight into current scientific priorities in childhood cancer research.

Our Board has links with many other research organisations and charities. This helps to ensure that we are effective in our research funding decision-making; we don’t duplicate efforts; and we prioritise on the right research areas.

Children and Young People Cancer Coalition

The Children and Young People Cancer Coalition (CYPCC) is a CEO-led charity coalition of 14 founding organisations. It aims to make things better for children and young people with cancer through speaking up on issues that matter to them, having a unified voice and supporting each other as charities and CEOs.

Friends of Rosie is an associate member of the CYPCC.


Friends of Rosie is proud to be a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). Established in 1987, AMRC is the UK’s national membership organisation for health and medical research charities. The AMRC will be the leading voice of the health and medical research charity sector, supporting charities to deliver high-quality research and […]

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