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Oscar’s story

Raising awareness of childhood cancer is often just as important as raising money for more vital research. It’s a world unknown to so many and yet devastating to the few who do experience it. Lots of amazing parents and their even more amazing children have been kind enough to share their experiences of childhood cancer […]

28 Aug 2018

Friends of Rosie receives grant to redesign website following cyber attack

We’re delighted to have received a grant from the Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust to redesign our website after being targeted by cyber criminals earlier this year. As a small, local charity, our website is an essential tool in helping us to raise awareness and funding for vital children’s cancer research projects in the North […]

17 Jul 2018
bone cancer research

Treatment and improved detection of rare bone cancer in children

Our second project, which commenced in July 2017, is researching the treatment and improved detection of osteosarcoma – a rare type of bone cancer that most commonly affects children and young people. There is an urgent requirement to develop novel therapies that target metastatic osteosarcoma. In addition, better detection is pivotal to improving outcomes for […]

15 Jul 2018

Immunotherapy to fight childhood brain tumours

Over the last year we have funded a £65,000 project, conducted at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre facilities on The Christie campus in south Manchester, to research the use of immunotherapy to treat childhood brain tumours that have a poor prognosis. The project is investigating the feasibility of using cells called Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs), […]

15 Jul 2018