Home isolation tips #2

25 Mar 2020

Today’s tips, thanks to our lovely supporters, are for those of you who are homeworking.

1. FACT – children will interrupt you. If you have children and need to do a video call with work colleagues, don’t stress about the children suddenly appearing in the room. Ask them to come and say hello to your colleagues and perhaps ask a question about what you are all doing. Great way to show them what mum and dad do at work all day and shows we all have families and lives outside of work. Remember that BBC clip 😆

2. Try to give your day some structure, as hard as that may be at the moment. Have regular breaks to stretch your legs and to get some fresh air. And try not to let your work spread out across the house. Confining it to one area or one room means you can escape from work at the end of each day.

3. Try to keep in touch with work contacts and team mates. We have a wealth of technology at our disposal nowadays. A quick message on Google Hangouts to see if everyone’s ok. Or a WhatsApp to ask what people are having for lunch. These little things will help you feel connected and part of a team.

4. Use this time to learn a new skill that will help you in your role. See what relevant online training may be available. Or ask your workplace if they can make any courses available to make good use of the time.

5. Stay out of the fridge and store cupboards! Easier said than done but try to stick to structured snack and lunch breaks. And don’t be tempted to bring wine time too far forward!

Most of all, be kind to yourselves and your colleagues. This is an incredibly strange situation for everyone and we’ll get through it together. 💗

Please keep sending us your tips and thoughts. Also, watch this space later this week for some exciting news from Friends of Rosie. We all need some good news right now and, even through these unprecedented days, we remain 100% focused on childhood cancer research.