Friends of Rosie’s Scientific Advisory Board

25 Apr 2019

All funding applications are reviewed by our independent Scientific Advisory Board, who make recommendations as to which projects are the most promising and should receive our funding.

Name Occupation and organisation Date of appointment to the committee
Professor John Hickman Retired consultant (Paris) January 2017-
Professor Deborah Tweddle Professor of Paediatric Oncology
April 2017-
Dr Francis Mussai Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Oncology (Birmingham) April 2017-
Dr Mark Gaze Consultant clinical oncologist (University College London Hospitals) April 2021-
Professor Juliet Gray Associate Professor and consultant in Paediatric Oncology (Southampton) June 2019 –
Dr Sam Behjati Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (Cambridge) June 2019 –
Dr Malcolm Taylor Independent Biomedical Research Consultant (Cheshire) 2013 – 2018