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Tobias was diagnosed at just eight weeks old with Infantile Fibrosarcoma – a tumour so rare that only 50 children in the last 20 years in Europe have been diagnosed with it.

When Tobias was just eight weeks old he was putting on very little weight and had stopped feeding. The GP found a suspicious lump on Tobias and referred them to the hospital. They found a mass on his ultrasound and his parents were told it was cancer.

His parents held him as he slept as the lump protruded out of his side and back. They were convinced he would die as the lump seemed to be growing by the second. He was diagnosed with a mesoblastic nephroma – a very rare type of kidney tumour. They were told it would be treatable by removing the kidney and the tumour together. However, the surgery was not as straightforward as hoped. The tumour was wrapped around the kidney with a difficult blood and nerve supply. During the surgery he lost his body weight in blood and was in ICU.

They then found a tumour on Tobias’ spine that had been missed and would need chemotherapy. During his second round of chemotherapy he suddenly became much worse.

Another ultrasound and CT scan revealed a new tumour near his liver. He would need another surgery and stronger chemo which would make him extremely ill.

Thankfully, his surgery was a success and Tobias responded well to the chemo. He still relies on a feeding tube that goes into his tummy to get his important nutrition and he struggles with his speech. At the time of writing, Tobias is now five years in remission.

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