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Ruth Grace

Ruth Grace

Ruth Grace was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, when she was eight years old.

On a family holiday, Ruth Grace complained her legs were sore. She also banged her leg which resulted in a lump and excruciating pain. Her mum took her to the GP and several tests later confirmed that Ruth Grace had cancer.

She started chemotherapy and thankfully the cancer hadn’t spread, so surgery was also possible. However, Ruth Grace was sick from day dot. Within three weeks, she had lost all her hair. Her mouth was full of blisters and she had a rare, life-threatening allergic reaction to one of her chemotherapy drugs which caused deep tissue blisters.

After her first round of chemo, she underwent an eight-hour operation to remove her tibia and to do a bone graft. Once the bone showed signs of successfully grafting, her chemotherapy started again. Sadly, after nearly two years of persisting with physiotherapy, an MRI scan eventually revealed that the bone had not grafted at the knee joint. Aged just ten years old, Ruth Grace had her leg amputated at the knee.

Ruth Grace is now a young teenager getting on with her life and looking ahead. She has a prosthetic leg and is back on her scooter again!

Although it saved her life, Ruth Grace’s cancer treatment has been brutal and has left her with many side effects.

She has hearing loss and suffers with severe tinnitus, both of which make her dizzy and nauseous. She has constant kidney infections and early stage liver damage. She also has lung damage, multiple slipped discs in her spine, and hip difference. She will need yearly heart scans due to the increased risk of heart damage from the chemo.

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Katrina London

Katrina has specialised in the field of occupational personal injury for over 35 years and has worked exclusively for the victims of asbestos related diseases for the last 20 years.  Katrina is an APIL Accredited Occupational Disease and Asbestos Disease Specialist and Senior Litigator and has Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation. 


Carla Nuttall

Carla has over 20 years’ experience specialising in strategic communications, engagement and marketing across the public and private sector, including the BBC, Manchester Metropolitan University and Muse Developments. She is currently Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing for The Growth Company, an award-winning social enterprise that enables growth, creates jobs and improves lives.