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Two weeks after Lily’s 1st birthday, her parents found a lump on her left thigh. After a trip to the doctor, she was admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital for a couple of days for treatment for an infection.

During her stay, the hospital carried out further tests to establish exactly what the lump was. It was after having an ultrasound scan they decided it must be a tumour. Her mum was told to go home and pack for a stay at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in Ward 84.

After further tests and examinations, Lily was finally diagnosed with a tumour called rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of soft tissue tumour. She started a 6-month course of chemotherapy, staying in the hospital every three weeks for three days. She also had surgery to remove the tumour which, by this time, had reduced in size significantly.

Lily sailed through her treatment and completed her last course of chemotherapy. But just one month later, she had a temperature and had to be admitted to the hospital to be treated for an infection. A week later Lily’s temperature had risen again and, after more tests, her parents were given the devastating news that Lily had relapsed. They had found four more tumours on her lungs. The cancer was back.

Lily again started chemotherapy but her breathing was deteriorating fast and she had to be put on oxygen. Lily was then transferred onto the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, sedated and put onto a life support machine to help with her breathing.

She stayed there for three weeks. Doctors told her parents that the chemo had caused so much damage that her lungs were irreparable and Lily would never recover.

Lily passed away in the arms of her mummy and daddy.

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Katrina London

Katrina has specialised in the field of occupational personal injury for over 35 years and has worked exclusively for the victims of asbestos related diseases for the last 20 years.  Katrina is an APIL Accredited Occupational Disease and Asbestos Disease Specialist and Senior Litigator and has Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation. 


Carla Nuttall

Carla has over 20 years’ experience specialising in strategic communications, engagement and marketing across the public and private sector, including the BBC, Manchester Metropolitan University and Muse Developments. She is currently Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing for The Growth Company, an award-winning social enterprise that enables growth, creates jobs and improves lives.