2019 Friends of Rosie newsletter is out now!

25 Feb 2019

The 2019 Friends of Rosie newsletter is out now! 2018 was another busy year for Friends of Rosie, as we continue to widen our network, connect with more corporate supporters, and further raise awareness for childhood cancer research in the North West.

We’ve welcomed a new Trustee, launched a new website and branding, and created new fundraising materials to help attract more supporters. The two research projects we are currently funding continue to show great promise. We look forward to sharing the full year reports with you during 2019 as the projects come to a close and the research results are formally published.

Furthermore, thanks to our amazing supporters, we are in a position to fund a brand-new research project this year and have recently issued a grant call to research institutions in the North West to apply for funding.

You can find out more about our research projects and fundraising news in our newsletter by clicking here.

Lastly, if there is just one thing you could do to help us this year, please share our name and details with any of your business contacts. Word of mouth and recommendations makes a huge difference to the corporate support we receive.

Many thanks,

The Friends of Rosie team