Our Research Strategy

Friends of Rosie exists to provide ‘pump-priming’ funds of one or two years to childhood cancer research projects.

What is pump-priming?

Pump-priming is the process of helping a project or idea get off the ground by providing initial funding. Friends of Rosie is unique in our role of kick-starting new childhood cancer research projects. Without that first bit of investment, many new ideas would never see the light of day and never be given the chance to potentially improve the treatment and outlook for children with cancer.

Our research mission

Our mission is for the projects we fund to secure longer-term funding from other charities and organisations. We enable the researchers to obtain one or two years of data to then give them the evidence needed to take the research project to the next stage. It is always our hope that the projects we kick-start will eventually get to clinical trial stage and ultimately improve treatments for children with cancer.

Research priorities

Our aim is to fund the most promising new research ideas. Childhood cancer research is desperately underfunded and so there can be many research projects competing for funding. That’s why it’s essential to ensure we invest our supporter’s money into the most promising areas.

We achieve this through:

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