Lily’s story

Just after her 1st birthday, Lily was diagnosed with a soft tissue tumour. Her mum, Clair, shares Lily’s story and stresses the importance of childhood cancer research in helping to one day find a cure for children like Lily, so other families don’t have to go through such heartbreak. “Lily was born on 10th February […]

05 Sep 2018
childhood brain tumours

Joshua’s story

Joshua McCormack died from a very rare brain tumour in January 2017. Brain tumours continue to cause more deaths than any other type of childhood cancer. His mum, Nicola, shares Joshua’s story with us to raise awareness of these rare types of cancer and the lack of research funding in the UK. “During Joshua’s gruelling […]

05 Sep 2018
Gracie McCall

Gracie McCall’s story

Gracie McCall’s mum, Katie, shares Gracie’s story with us to highlight the vital need for more childhood cancer research, particularly for very rare types of cancer. “In January 2014, Gracie was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive brain tumour called Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumour (AT/RT). She was just two and a half years […]

05 Sep 2018

George’s story

George’s mum, Gemma, shares George’s story to help raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of childhood cancer.  At the age of three, George was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The only symptom he had was a pale rash on his face.  “After heading to hospital fearing meningitis, George underwent a series of blood tests. […]

05 Sep 2018