New research grant call now open

18 Oct 2019

Thanks to our lovely supporters, we now have enough funds available to support a new research grant. We are inviting applications for pump-priming research grants focused on childhood cancer.

Pump-priming is the process of helping a new project or idea get off the ground by providing initial funding. We are unique in our role of kick-starting new childhood cancer research projects.

The research grant amount available is normally up to £70,000 for one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.

Our independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) review all grant applications and make recommendations of the most promising projects to fund. It’s vital to us that we spend our supporters’ donations effectively. We want to make sure they have the chance to make a real difference in advancing childhood cancer research.

Research priority areas

Our research priority areas for 2019/20 are shown below, but other areas will be considered. These are aimed at the research community and use technical language. But we share them with all our supporters as we know many families, in particular, want to see the exact details of what we are funding:

  • Methods to rapidly screen and sequence tumours to identify targetable mutations and activated pathways. Including detection of potentially actionable translocations in tumours with low mutational loads
  • Early detection of relapse through liquid biopsy methods, particularly ctDNA
  • Understanding the mechanisms of failure of immunotherapy in paediatric cancer
  • Immunotherapy – especially combinations of chemotherapy / immunotherapy or radiotherapy / immunotherapy
  • Targeting cancers with poor outcomes (e.g. DRSCT, alveolar RMS, rhabdoid)
  • Late toxicity effects of therapy

Our mission is for the projects we fund to secure longer-term funding from other charities and organisations. Our grants enable researchers to obtain one or two years of data. This then gives them the evidence needed to take the research project to the next stage.

For further details and to apply for a research grant, please download the application pack from the Research section of our website.

We’ll announce the successful project in the New Year.