Join our Friends of Rosie ‘Go Gold Group’

09 May 2019

We’re looking for willing volunteers in and around Hale and Altrincham to join a new ‘Go Gold Group’ in support of the Friends of Rosie Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

As some of you may already know, gold is the official colour for childhood cancer awareness. And September is the recognised global awareness month.

The idea of our Go Gold Group is to organise local fundraising events in and around Hale and Altrincham (where we started out back in 1991) to help raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research.

Where to start?

We appreciate that your time is a precious commodity. So, we want to ensure that the Go Gold Group is flexible, focused and fun to make the best use of your time and support.

Our initial focus will be on local events for this coming September. These could range from: cake sales; coffee mornings; car washes and quiz nights, to help contacting local shops and restaurants getting them involved in activities to ‘Go Gold’ during September.

How to get involved?

We’re a small, local charity led by volunteers and so your support will make a huge difference to the childhood cancer research projects we fund.

At this stage, please just let us know if you’re interested in being involved by emailing Or call Helen on 0161 834 7333. Once we have a list of people, we’ll organise our first get together to share ideas and get going!

Be the difference for children with cancer and get involved today.