Friends of Rosie joins AMRC

24 Jul 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Friends of Rosie Children’s Cancer Research Fund is now a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).

The AMRC is the UK’s national membership organisation for health and medical research charities. It brings together and supports health and medical charities to produce high-quality research.

With so many excellent charities in existence, all aiming to do good work, AMRC membership gives our supporters assurance that any money donated to Friends of Rosie will be used to fund only the most promising research projects. It also enables us to have greater insight into research being conducted by other member charities, thereby reducing any risk of duplication of effort and increasing opportunities for collaboration.

Says Friends of Rosie Chair, Felicity Goodey, “AMRC membership is a hallmark of high quality research. We are proud to become members of the association and will use our membership to maximise the value of the work that we do in childhood cancer research.”

First link in the research chain

Friends of Rosie is the first link in the research chain. It is our funding that enables new approaches to treatment to become possible by giving projects the start-up funding they need. Success for us is another charity or organisation continuing the research we helped to start.

Collaborating with the other AMRC member charities is essential to our success. It will help ensure we effectively measure the impact of our research and give it the best chance to go on and make a difference to children with cancer.

Association of Medical Research Charities