eBay’s Big Charity Sell

27 May 2020

Declutter, donate, and nominate a friend a do the same via eBay’s Big Charity Sell. We are calling for our supporters to sell your unwanted items on eBay and donate up to 100% of the proceeds to Friends of Rosie, helping to raise vital funds for children with cancer, as well as reducing waste.

Charities are not charged any eBay fees on eBay for Charity, allowing more money to be raised. If you wish to sell items for Friends of Rosie just visit our page on eBay – You can donate from 10-100% of your sale and will receive the equivalent percentage reduction in fees. Simply check the box that says “Donate a portion to charity” and select the donation percentage when listing your item.

Households across the country are using the lockdown to clear out their cupboards. New data reveals that the garage holds the most high-value items for sale. These include kids’ bicycles, camping tents, skis and more. However, almost half (48%) of people admitted to binning items they no longer need. With a further 1 in 5 openly admitting to resorting to fly-tipping in a bid to rid their homes of clutter. The average UK home is sitting on 42 unwanted items worth an estimated £500.

eBay’s Big Charity Sell is a fantastic and fun way for you to help from the comfort of your homes. So please do declutter, donate and nominate a loved one to do the same. You’ll be helping us continue to fund much needed research for children with cancer. We need you now more than ever.