Current research priority areas

29 Apr 2019

At the start of a new research grant call, the Friends of Rosie Scientific Advisory Board recommends current research priority areas for funding. This does not exclude applications in other areas.

Our current research priority areas for 2020/21 are:

  • Methods to rapidly screen  and sequence tumours to identify targetable mutations and activated pathways, including detection of potentially actionable translocations in tumours with low mutational loads
  • Early detection of relapse through liquid biopsy methods, particularly ctDNA
  • Understanding the mechanisms of failure of immunotherapy in paediatric cancer
  • Immunotherapy – especially combinations of chemotherapy / immunotherapy or radiotherapy / immunotherapy
  • Role of metabolism in paediatric cancers
  • Targeting cancers with poor outcome (e.g. DRSCT, alveolar RMS, rhabdoid)

Projects proposing animal work must refer to guidance on the 3Rs provided by the NC3Rs (