Charity of the Year

We offer a variety of flexible options from which you can pick and choose for corporate fundraising:

1. Support materials

Once you’ve chosen Friends of Rosie as your Charity of the Year or headline charity, we’ll provide you with:

  • Email templates to inform employees of the charity
  • Intranet / newsletter template articles
  • to announce us as your chosen charity
  • Event Fundraising advertisement posters
  • Balloons, Sponsorship forms, Leaflets
  • Joint press release to announce support

2. Financial Support

Designate a % of your annual profit to Friends of Rosie, giving a much-needed financial boost to the projects we support. Alternatively, you could choose to give an amount each month via Direct Debit.

3. Direct donations

Employees can choose to donate directly to Friends for Rosie by setting up a monthly payment or via a one-off donation.

4. Matched Giving

Support your employee’s efforts by matching the amount they have raised or donated.

5. Cause-related marketing

Associating the sale of one of your products or services to Friends of Rosie can be an incredibly effective way to raise money and awareness. We can work with you to discuss a % or stated amount and help ensure mutual benefits.

6. Chosen research project

To create more direct and visible impact of the effects of your corporate fundraising support, you can choose a specific research project to fund. Whether chosen by a staff vote or selected by your charity committee, this will give you a clear line of sight of the amount you are raising and the difference you are making. A one-year cancer research project costs on average £65,000. You could choose to part-fund or total-fund one of our projects.

Find out how your business can be the difference to children with cancer.
For more information on corporate fundraising please contact: or call us on 07887 932293.