Jessica Green

Jessica’s story

Jessica was diagnosed with DIPG ( a type of brain tumour) on 7th March 2011. Her mum, Lisa, shares her story to raise awareness for childhood brain tumour research. “Our Jessica was a beautiful, confident and happy little girl who lived her life to the full and had lots of friends. Life changed for Jessica […]

05 Sep 2018
childhood cancer research

Emma’s story

Emma was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer, in September 2013. Her mum, Tracey, shares Emma’s story and how it feels as a parent when your child is diagnosed with cancer. “When Emma was eight years old we went on holiday and I found a lump on her cheek when applying sun cream. […]

05 Sep 2018

Gracie Greenwood’s story

On 1st May 2017, Gracie Greenwood lost her battle with cancer. She was just 20 months old. Her mum Lauren shares Gracie’s heartbreaking story to help raise more awareness for childhood cancer research. “Hi my name is Lauren and I’m Gracie’s mum. Gracie passed away on the 1st May after fighting a brain tumour. She […]

05 Sep 2018

Lily’s story

Just after her 1st birthday, Lily was diagnosed with a soft tissue tumour. Her mum, Clair, shares Lily’s story and stresses the importance of childhood cancer research in helping to one day find a cure for children like Lily, so other families don’t have to go through such heartbreak. “Lily was born on 10th February […]

05 Sep 2018