Research priority areas

Current research priority areas

At the start of a new research grant call, the Friends of Rosie Scientific Advisory Board recommends current research priority areas for funding. This does not exclude applications in other areas. Our current research priority areas for 2019/20 are: Methods to rapidly screen  and sequence tumours to identify targetable mutations and activated pathways, including detection […]

29 Apr 2019
Scientific Advisory Board

Friends of Rosie’s Scientific Advisory Board

All funding applications are reviewed by our independent Scientific Advisory Board, who make recommendations as to which projects are the most promising and should receive our funding. Name Occupation and organisation Date of appointment to the committee Professor John Hickman Retired consultant (Paris) January 2017- Professor Deborah Tweddle Professor of Paediatric Oncology (Newcastle) April 2017- […]

25 Apr 2019
Treating children with cancer

Friends of Rosie Research Strategy

Our research strategy – why we fund research into childhood cancer Our aims, objectives and priorities Friends of Rosie’s research strategy aims focus on providing “pump-priming” funds of one or two years to research and clinical investigators who are addressing paediatric cancers. The goal is to provide funds that will lever major longer-term funding from […]

25 Apr 2019