Spooky Halloween fundraising

HalloweenWith the most terrifying night of the year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to do some fun and spooky fundraising.

Below are five ways you can help fundraise for Friends of Rosie, entertaining friends and family and giving them a few frights all at once!

1. Host a Haunted House

This can be held for both children and adults, at separate times in the day if required. First clear out your house as much as possible and decorate each room with a different theme; you could go for a witch’s house theme in one and a mad scientist in another. You can get decorations pretty cheap these days, or you can make your own with a wide selection of different household items.

For children, try having a selection of different activities in each room, such as making a witches potion in one room or designing their own Frankenstein in another. For adults, make it a bit creepier and add black out rooms, blind folds, and even enlist a few friends to hide out and scare unsuspecting visitors. You can charge friends, family and others to come to the haunted house and donate the proceeds to Friends of Rosie.

2. Halloween costume competition

Between you and a group of friends, or get your children and their friends involved, in a spooky costume competition. Charge a fee to enter the competition and the winner gets a halloween-themed prize (think booze for the grown-ups and sweets galore for the kids!). Also a great event to hold in the workplace to have a bit of ghoulish fun with your colleagues with a Halloween-themed dress down day.

3. Pumpkin Smash

Someone has to grow those pumpkins, and we can guarantee those sellers will have a whole host of unsellable ones. Try and secure as many unsellable pumpkins as possible and hold a Pumpkin smashing event at your local school, workplace or social club. You can then charge people to enter and see who can throw their pumpkin the furthest, with the winner getting a prize..

4. Spooky Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love a good bake sale?  You can do this at work, arrange something at your children’s school, youth club or games styled activities they take part in; just get co-workers, teacher or other parents involved, get baking and you’re pretty much done.

5. Pumpkin carving contest

From ghostly ghouls to scary skulls, host a pumpkin carving contest at your workplace, school or even host your own party at home. Charge an entry fee and contestants have the chance to win prizes for scariest design, most original design and an overall winner.

If you’d like any help or support with your Halloween fundraising, please just email friendsofrosieccrf@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook @friendsofrosieccrf

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