Completed Research Studies

Since Friends of Rosie was formed in 1991, we have funded 23 research projects in the North West, each looking into different ways to improve the treatment and outlook for children with cancer.

In financial terms, that’s around £2.5 million worth of funding, raised and donated by our amazing supporters.

Here’s the full list of projects that we have proudly funded:

  1. To identify and isolate genes important in the initiation and progression of childhood solid tumours with a focus on Wilm’s tumour – kidney cancer in children. Dr Paul Hoban & Dr Anna Kelsey (1993)
  2. The use of radiation activated gene therapy as a novel method of cancer treatment. Dr B Marples, Paterson Institute Manchester, London, Toronto, USA. (1996)
    • Dr B Marples research goes on to attract long term funding at Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex (2001)
  3. The way in which cells from cancers of the nervous system (neuroblastoma) manage to evade being killed by cytotoxic drugs Prof Tim Eden, Prof John Hickman and Dr Christine Cresta (University of Manchester) (1996)
  4. Risk factors for the development of the child and family in the nine months following the diagnosis of childhood cancer Prof Hill (Alder Hay Children’s Hospital), Dr Mackie and Prof Eden (RMCH) (1997)
  5. Protection of bone marrow cells against the damaging effects of cytotoxic drugs, using gene therapy. Dr J Rafferty, Paterson Institute. (1998)
  6. A comparison of the frequency of unusual inherited mutations in the families of children with cancer as compared with their frequency in control families. Dr M Taylor, St Mary’s Hospital.  (1998)
    • Dr M Taylor receives a grant from the Department of Health to extend his work on unusual mutations in children with cancer (2003)
  7. A study of the timing of drug administration, with the aim of preventing damage to normal cells, while still killing cancer cells. Dr H Robson, Christie Hospital. (1998)
  8. An investigation of whether damage to a particular gene, called MLL, is associated with the occurrence of rare cases of leukaemia caused by the treatment of a previous cancer. Dr A Ng, Christie Hospital. (1999)
  9. A long term comparison of the possible damaging effects on the density of bone in children, cured of cancer, which has been treated by different methods. Dr B Brennan, Manchester University and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. (1999)
  10. Using data from the Manchester Children’s Tumour Registry to determine the relative importance of genetic and environmental factors in the causation of lymph gland cancer in children. Professor J Birch, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. (1999)
  11. A study of multiple gene therapy to protect bone marrow cells from the potential damaging effect on normal cells of cancer treatment that uses more than one drug. Dr L Fairbairn, Paterson Institute. (1999)
    • Dr L Fairburn secured further funding with a view to clinical trials of bone marrow protection in the future. (2001)
  12. Establishment of a research database for kidney cancers in children. Dr R McNally, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. (2001)
  13. An investigation of the mechanism by which the drug asparaginase exerts its effect, with the aim of enabling this important drug to be used more effectively in the treatment of children with cancer. Dr E J Estlin, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Salford University. (2002) – update in 2003 & 2004 newsletters
  14. A comparison of the early stages in the development of the blood cells of children with Down’s Syndrome and those of control children, in order to understand why some children with Down’s Syndrome develop leukaemia. Dr R Wynn, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. (2004)
  15. The effects of hypoxia on drug-induced Apoptosis in Neuroblastoma. Dr Makin – University of Manchester (2006)
  16. Study of biochemical changes which occur within single cells. Prof M White – University of Liverpool (2006 – update in 2008 newsletter)
  17. Gene activity in childhood brain tumours. Dr Stephen Meyer – University of Manchester (2008 – update in 2010 newsletter)
  18. Studies on an inherited cancer susceptibility. Prof A Whetton – University of Manchester (2010)
  19. Hypoxia-induced drug resistance in Osteocarcoma. Dr J Adamski and Dr G Makin, University of Manchester (2011)
  20. How changes in the genetic code of medulloblastoma cells result in tumour growth and treatment resistance. Dr Martin McCabe, University of Manchester (2012)
  21. The consequences of childhood brain tumours and their treatment with cranial radiotherapy. Dr Estlin (RMCH) & Prof Daniela Montaldi (University of Manchester) (2012)
  22. Investigating the feasbility of tumour infiltrating lymphocyte therapy for paediatric malignancies with high risk and poor prognosis. Dr Gray Kueberuwa (University of Manchester) (2017 & 2018)
  23. Researching the treatment and improved detection of osteosarcoma. Dr Katherine Finegan, University of Manchester (2017)