Research Update

Listed below are examples of projects funded by Friends of Rosie. If you would like more details, please contact us on 0161 834 7333.

Current research studies

Friends of Rosie is currently funding two studies:

Dr Gray KueberuwaA £65,000 grant to fund a project to research the potential of immunotherapy to treat childhood brain tumours, with the work being undertaken in the laboratories of the new Manchester Cancer Research Centre facilities on the Christie campus in south Manchester.

The project is being sponsored by Professor Robert Hawkins (Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Christie) and led by Dr Gray Kueberuwa. Read more …

Dr Katherine Finegan

A one-year grant of £68,000 to fund a new project to research the treatment and improved detection of osteosarcoma – a rare type of bone cancer that most commonly affects children and young people.  The project will be undertaken in the research facilities at The University of Manchester and led by Dr Katherine Finegan. Read more …


Completed research studies 

Please click here to see a list of other research studies we have funded